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Snack packs

Help families sustain themselves during long hours at their child’s bedside.

Items needed for Snack Packs

Please provide pre-packaged, individually wrapped food items. A few examples:

  • Package of crackers
  • Bag of chips
  • Box of fruit snacks
  • Package of mixed nuts
  • Bag of microwavable popcorn

How to assemble Snack Packs

Wrap a few of the snacks together in a clear bag (or you can use clear wrap). Please feel free to share some love by including a note of encouragement!

How to donate Snack Packs

Once assembled, please donate your items directly to the Houses:

AdventhHealth for Children Hospital House

Arnold Palmer Medical Center House

Nemours Children’s Hospital House

Ways to give

There are several options when it comes to making a financial donation to us: