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After a devastating car accident, doctors weren’t sure Jeyshaniz would ever walk again.

The June 19th car accident left the 6-year-old girl with a cracked skull and brain damage. She was placed in an induced coma at Arnold Palmer Medical Center and was kept stable for nearly three weeks.

Jeyshaniz’s mother, Shayna, said her daughter wasn’t talking, eating or walking and was completely dependent on machines.


The First 48 Hours

Jeyshaniz’s family spent the first two days at their daughter’s side at Arnold Palmer Medical Center. They lived more than two hours away and couldn’t imagine being so far away from Jeyshaniz.

“Then, I honestly would have slept in the lobby if I had to, just to be close to her. Because at that point in time, it was day-to-day, not knowing what could happen,” said Shayna.

Then, their social worker told them about Ronald McDonald House.


A House of Positivity

From the moment they stepped inside Ronald McDonald House, Shayna said she could feel the positivity flowing through the House. And she said most of it came from the staff and volunteers.

“Since day one, literally nothing but great vibes and and great people and complete empathy towards our situation,” said Shayna.

She also couldn’t believe how much people cared for her family and what they were going through. “People actually encouraged us to eat, at a time where eating is the last thing on your mind,” she said.

A photo of Jeyshaniz with her mother Shayna and step-mother Jazmine.

Closer to Healing

Now months later, Shayna says Jeyshaniz still struggles daily with simple tasks that should be easy for her. She travels to Nemours Children’s Hospital on a weekly basis to complete therapy and stays at the RMH on the campus of Nemours Children’s Hospital.

The family feels grateful that RMH is there for them, especially when they couldn’t afford to be close to Jeyshaniz.

“I was hesitant on applying to stay at the House because someone mentioned a recommended donation and I just didn’t have it! I literally had no job or any way to contribute. No one ever asked me for a penny. It is very heartwarming to know that there is help,” said Shayna.

Jeyshaniz smiles in a room at the Nemours Ronald McDonald House.