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Life took a drastic but wonderful turn for the Hange Family when their four little miracles were born.

Doug and Michelle welcomed the “Miracle Quad Squad” when Michelle’s water broke at 29 weeks, 2 days. They were rushed to Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies where she delivered four healthy, but tiny babies: two boys and two girls. Jackson, Oliver, Kate and Elle each weighed between 2lbs, 12oz and 2lbs, 15oz.

For Doug and Michelle, it was a time of joy and love but also a heavy emotional toll. The Hange Family lived in Melbourne, which is 1.5 hours away from Orlando. They were aware of Ronald McDonald House and Doug had even volunteered for the Share-A-Meal program before.

A New Way of Life

They checked into the RMH at Arnold Palmer Medical Center where Michelle spent countless hours each day at the hospital visiting and helping care for the quads while Doug visited on weekends and worked to support the family during the week in West Melbourne.

“Being able to walk to the hospital each day was an incredible blessing,” Michelle said. “The House provided solitude and a break from the hospital environment where we were able to rest and be refreshed. It was such a relief to know that we were just a few minutes away if the nurses or doctors needed us.”

A New Perspective

Michelle said staying at RMH also gave the Hange Family perspective on their situation. “Early on during our stay, we met a family who baby was suffering from kidney failure. He had been at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital for 8 months and was undergoing additional treatments at that time. To see the heartbreak that family was going through, not being able to hold or comfort their son, was indescribable. We left with an appreciation for the health of the quads,” said Michelle.

Michelle remembers how the staff cared for her family as well. “Anytime they would see us, they made it a point to ask how the babies were doing and how our stay was. We appreciated feeling like they cared enough about us to ask,” she said.

New Home

After 80 days in the NICU, the quads were able to go home and life hasn’t been the same. “Although our days and are hands are full, our hearts are overflowing with joy and love for these sweet babies. We consider them to be our greatest blessings,” Michelle said.

Now Michelle and Doug love to tell their story and spread the word about how RMH helped them as they continue to support the House that supported them. “We think the Ronald McDonald House is an amazing organization and answers the call of an extremely important mission: to never let families be separated during medically trying times, due to financial difficulties. The individuals who support this organization are touching more lives that they will ever know.” 

If you’d like to learn more about the Hange Quads, visit their blog: The Miracle Quad Squad.