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When David and Monet Payne found out they were having triplets, they knew the pregnancy would be high risk.

Monet had volunteered for a Share-A-Meal years ago through her church so she knew about Ronald McDonald House. For that reason, they applied to RMH early on during the pregnancy.

“The further we got along in our pregnancy, the more people recommended us reaching out to the RMH as soon as possible,” said David.

From Birth to Our House

In August 2016, Ariel, Jaslyn and David were born 9.5 weeks premature at Florida Hospital, more than an hour away from their home in Rockledge, Florida. The babies were treated for jaundice, stomach infections and anemia. A few days after their birth, David and Monet were able to move into our Florida Hospital House.

“As new parents, not being able to be within arm’s length of your children is heartbreaking enough. Facing the reality that you may not be able to stay in the same city as them as they fight for their young lives is a nightmare. RMH was our saving grace,” Monet said.

A photo of David and Monet with their triplets Ariel, Jaslyn and David.

With three babies in the NICU, the Payne family found themselves going back-and-forth between the House and the hospital at all hours of the day and night.

“We were constantly on the run, but there was always a member of the House staff to ask us, genuinely, how we were doing … it was truly the staff that made our stay special,” David said.


Parents’ Peace of Mind

The Payne family says the most important thing that RMH gave them was peace of mind and allowed them to focus on their children’s medical concerns.

Now that their children are growing and thriving, David and Monet say they are raising awareness about RMH and they hope the community continues to show support.

“It’s important to our family that our children grow to understand the power of community and the lasting effect that a few wisely invested moments can have in the lives of others.”

If you would like to follow the Payne Family’s journey, please visit their blog.

A photo of the Payne triplets from their parents' blog 3PaynesInaPod.com