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Will You Help Us Go Viral?

Shamrock Shake season is back, and 25¢ of every Shamrock Shake sold benefits local RMHC chapters! This year, we’re asking you to help make our #ShowYourShake campaign go viral!

Step 1: Beginning February 8, simply go to your local McDonald’s® to pick up a Shamrock Shake
Step 2: Share a photo or video of you and your friends showing off your Shamrock Shake to social media
Step 3: Use #ShowYourShake
Step 4: Tag us on social media to show off your support!

Why the Shamrock Shake?

McDonald’s restaurants throughout Philadelphia held a Shamrock Shake fundraiser in 1974 to help build the very first Ronald McDonald House. 25¢ was donated for each Shamrock Shake sold.

Each year, local McDonald’s continue the tradition of the Shamrock Shake to support local chapters.

25¢ cents of each shake sold at McDonald’s locations throughout Central Florida will be given back to RMHCCF, in honor of our 25th birthday celebration!

The History of the House that Love Built

In 1974, Philadelphia Eagles player, Fred Hill, and his wife, Fran, were delivered news no parent ever wants to hear.

Their three-year-old daughter, Kim, was diagnosed with leukemia. Although they lived neary All Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia and were able to stay close to Kim, other families they met in the hospital had traveled long distances and could not afford hotel rooms or meals. The Hills saw firsthand families that were sleeping in waiting rooms and in their cars while eating out of vending machines.

Kim’s physician, Dr. Audrey Evans, rallied with the Hills, Jim Murray, GM of the Philadelphia Eagles, and the McDonald’s Regional Manager for support of her vision. With St Patrick’s Day right around the corner, McDonald’s would sell green milkshakes—dubbed the Shamrock Shake—to raise funds to build a house near the hospital. Monies donated from the promotion helped make the first Ronald McDonald House a reality.